Pensacola Beach – Then and Now

Pensacola Beach – Then (1981) and Now (2014)

In January 1981 Cathi and I took a vacation to the gulf coast the week of the Super Bowl and stayed in New Orleans and Pensacola Beach. While we were there I took one of my favorite photos of Cathi. I have always had several photos of Cathi in my office but this is the one photo that has always been on display.  I remember that I was so upset that day because Cathi put on a pair of my jeans after getting her jeans wet while at the beach.

Cathi with sea gulls.jpeg

We were on the beach in the Gulf Islands National Seashore in the Santa Rosa Day Use Area.  The beach stretches along the gulf side of Santa Rosa Island which is a barrier island.  This part of the beach is between the areas known as Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach.

198_ Chevrolet Chevette.jpeg

Back in 1981 we drove from Overland Park, Kansas to Pensacola Beach in a Chevy Chevette.  Here is a photo of Cathi by the Chevette on Pensacola Beach.

Now we live close enough that this same beach is only 6 miles from our home. A few things have changed such as being older and driving a better Chevy. But the thing I am most proud of is that Cathi is back to being able to wear my jeans again. In fact, she now weighs 17 pounds less than me.

Cathi with Corvette on the beach.jpg

So that is Pensacola Beach – Then and Now