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I love automobiles and especially automobile racing.

It is even more fun when you get to drive …   Back in 1990 when I saw an ad in Autoweek magazine, I thought … wow wouldn’t that be fun to do One Lap of America … especially since it was organized by Brock Yates of Cannonball Run fame. I asked one of my good friends (Thomas Dukes) to be my co-driver and we entered the race with my daily commute car – a 1987 Porsche. We enjoyed ourselves and decided to race as often as possible …Porsche 924S - 1

So far Dave has driven over 7,698 miles in IMSA sanctioned racing events.

Dave had two sponsors – Texaco and Yokohama Tires.  Due to their outstanding performance, Dave been installing Yokohama Tires on all his vehicles since 1990.

Thanks again for your support !!

See you at the track …

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My New Car

We traded the Dodge Grand Caravan for a new 2018 Kia Soul.

FLASHBACK — 1990 IMSA License

IMSA License

Dave’s IMSA License used for the 1990 One Lap of America



Look at all the hair Dave had back in 1990. 







See you at the track …   IMSA website